Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Infinity Scarf

Now that Mother's Day is over, I can post this about the gift I made
for my mother. I gave you a sneak peak of it here.

I found the instructions to make an infinity scarf at Homemade Mamas. They have a super-duper tutorial there, so I won't
bother to repeat it, but I'll tell you the basics of what I did. It's wonderfully easy to make.

I think my fabric was about two yards long, and I cut one long strip about 18" or 20" wide. You need to cut the fabric twice as wide as you want your finished scarf.

Simply sew right sides together all along the long edge. Press and turn right-side-out
and admire your big long tube!

Iron under about an inch of the fabric on one end of the tube to the
inside. I put the raw-edge end inside the folded-edge end and pinned it all nice and straight. Then sewed across this "join" through all the layers.

Homemade Mamas used cotton for their scarf, and I was using silk, so I thought I would try hand-sewing the ends of the tube together, so it would feel a little lighter and more drape-y.

However, after I did that (which was very tricky to do, by the way) and wore the scarf for a little bit, I found that the stitching was beginning to pull loose. You can kind of see this in the above photo. It is natural that there is a certain amount of tugging on this scarf, as it is arranged around the neck. I assume that's what made the hand stitches pull loose. So I went back to the original plan of machine-stitching across the opening.

Now, the really good thing about this project is that there is quite enough fabric to make three scarves! So far, I have one and MamaStitches (my mom) has one. Not sure if I'll make another scarf, or use the fabric for something else.

I absolutely love wearing this scarf. It is fun to wrap around my neck in different configurations (one loop, two equal or unequal loops, three loops) and the great thing is that it will not fall off your shoulders or blow off in the wind!

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