Thursday, June 18, 2009

Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend!

I spent last night on the floor in front of the tv watching Sleepless in Seattle.  I had my cutting mat, rotary cutter, and a stack of fabric near me.  While I watched the movie I proceeded to cut out diamonds from the fabric.  Diamonds that will be sewn together into Tumbling Blocks.

The photo shows the stacks of pieces that I cut, and a sample of one finished tumbling block.

Now I have lots and lots of sets of three (light, medium, and dark) to be sewn together.  I'm doing these blocks by hand, because they are quite easy to do that way, and I need a fair amount of handwork to do in the car (when I'm the passenger!), at someone else's house, etc.  So far I have made about 150 tumbling blocks.  I started this at least two years ago.  I firmly believe if I were to work only on a tumbling block quilt, that I would be finishing it up in a mental ward somewhere.  It takes 300 blocks to just make a twin size quilt, for heaven's sake!  So I take time off to work on other projects. Now it looks like I will have enough hand work to keep me busy for a bit.  


  1. I LOVE to watch movies and work on my projects! One year I watched over 600 was a little excessive. The Blockbuster store thought I was a couch potato.....but I like the background noise. Thank goodness for Netflix now or I would go broke! Thanks for visiting my blog!!


  2. I love movies, too Ashley! Seeing new ones, watching my old favorites..... It's all good. Such a good way to do hand sewing, too.