Sunday, June 7, 2009

Baby Quilt Part II (of III)

FINALLY!  I am going to continue this tutorial that I started way back when for a quick and easy baby quilt.

In that previous post, I showed you how I sewed the 5" squares together to make triangle-squares (half-square triangles, in quilting lingo).  This shot on the right is a close-up of the triangle-squares up on my design wall.  This is the fun part, arranging and re-arranging them to get just the right placement.  

Blocks on the design wall, getting rearranged endlessly!

Now (photo on the right) I've started at the upper left-hand corner of my laid-out squares (on the design wall), and I'm sewing them together in diagonal strips.  (To do this, I take one strip at a time down from the wall, laid one block on top of the next.)  

Here is a photo of the diagonal strips sewn together.  I put them back up on the design wall, as I sew them into strips.


  1. That looks awesome! I wish I could make one like that...and maybe some day I will. but for now Im working simple things and then working my way up to harder things!

  2. Thanks for the comment, Queenie! (May I call you that?!) I happened by your blog recently and really loved it. Feel free to stop by this way again!

  3. The Sonoma Coastline quilt is amazing but silly old Blogger wouldn't let me comment on that post.

    My mom lives in Gualala and you captured it perfectly!

  4. Thanks, BB! I started with a photo that I took, and it (quilt) turned out pretty true to reality.