Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Quilt for BabyStitches

Here is the quilt that I just finished and sent off to BabyStitches, our granddaughter. (See her own blog on my sidebar or here.) When she and her parents were here for Christmas, DaughterStitches really liked the quilt that I had made for BabyStitches to use while at our house. Something about it was just the right size for her little bed. It's kind of an in-between size, similar to a lap quilt.

She asked me to make one that they could use in their house in the same size, and in colors that would match the
nursery. I offered to make a scrappy quilt, as I did here. My reason for this was that this is a pretty fast quilt, and I might get it finished before BabyStitches goes to college!

Here is a close-up of the quilt, showing some of the fabric detail, and how the edges fray. All these little squares are just sewn (raw-edge) onto the quilt front in a random order. After the quilt is washed, all the small pieces of fabric fray around the edges, making a fuzzy edge to them.

And another photo. I like the pinks and greens that DaughterStitches and Son-in-Law-Stitches chose for this quilt.

For the binding I used some beautiful light green twill fabric from HarmonyArt. I'm proud to call this amazing fabric designer a friend. She lives near me, and I am always amazed to see her fabric collections--check them out!

This final photo shows the back of the quilt, as well, which is a pink flannel print. Nice and cozy for BabyStitches!

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  1. Yay! We love it up here!!! It turned out very nice! Aurora loves it an it keeps her very warm!