Friday, July 16, 2010

My Latest Comfort Quilt

Earlier I had shown you this comfort quilt-in-progress, the Disappearing Nine-Patch. Here it is all basted, and I machine quilted it. I wasn't sure how I wanted to quilt it, but I knew that I initially had to at least anchor the blocks.
Usually that means stitching in the ditch. Did I tell you that I really dislike stitching in the ditch? And the reason is not because it's boring or unimaginative. The reason is because I think it is extremely hard to do! I can never stay accurately enough in that little ditch.

Sometimes I do s-in-t-d using a decorative stitch, maybe a curving S-shape. That way it doesn't matter whether I keep to the straight and narrow or not. And it still looks nice, I think.
The above photo shows what I did this time. I stitched 1/4" on either side of the seam lines. I should have taken a photo of the back, because it makes a nice grid on the back. (Alas, I should take more of an interest in my quilt backs, and piece them sometimes. Use a little more care in them, rather than just slapping something on!)

Also in the above photo you can see a glimpse of a polka dot that I am going to use for the binding. I have the binding sewn on now, and just need to trim off the excess fabric and sew down the binding to the back by hand.


  1. I totally agree about SID, it is not my favorite thing to do!

  2. I have trouble S.I.D., so I "Stitch NEAR the Ditch". When you miss the sweet spot on purpose, it's less painful. Gail

  3. Glad some other people agree with me about SID!!!