Friday, February 11, 2011

New Baby Quilt

I decided I wanted to make another baby quilt, so I gathered up all my leftovers of flannel fabrics. I'm making another Disappearing Nine-Patch, because that is so much fun to do. I made the pattern previously here in an adult size.
This involves creating nine-patch blocks (duh!), assembling them, cutting them up, then reassembling them. I tried to use four darker fabrics and five lighter fabrics for each nine-patch. So I arranged all these little squares on my dining room table. The top photo shows (most of) them all laid out on the table, just after I bumped my head on the light fixture climbing up there to take the photo!
This did a fairly good job of reducing my flannel stash (yippee!).
This bottom photo shows, basically, only one block. After meticulously laying out all the squares, and playing beg/borrow so I didn't have too many of one fabric in a single square, I put each set of nine patches into a little baggie (previously used baggies, I have to emphasize (!), but no food contents) to keep them separate. I think I would be doing myself a favor if I ironed all these 4 1/2" blocks before I start sewing.

Can't wait to get started!


  1. Fun, and proof that plastic baggies are reusable and not one-use! You rock.