Friday, December 14, 2012

Some Embroidery Work

I recently finished this small wall hanging.  It is a pattern that I bought from Jenny of Elefantz.  She has loads of great designs.  You should check out her blog and website.  Jenny specializes in beautiful designs which often combine applique and embroidery. This particular wall hanging I made is only 11" by 12".  It is one of four little wonky houses in the set.

The light blue border is one of my go-to fabrics lately, by HarmonyArt Organic Fabric.  Maybe it's just handy for me, but I seem to be using it in quite a few projects lately.

Here is a close-up of some of the embroidery.  As you can see, it is quite detailed.  I have to say this was quite a bit of fun to do.


  1. Thanks, Jenny. And thanks for a great pattern. I'll soon post about what I did with the other three wonky houses!

  2. ADORABLE! It's an honor to be a MissesStitches "go-to"!

  3. I love the leaves on the trees, and the style of the house. You're so talented, Jan!