Sunday, January 6, 2013

Christmas Ornaments

I guess I've probably won the Bad Blogger Award, for having let so much time go by since my last post.  Sorry 'bout that.  Let's just say that the holidays kind of took over my life!

Since we travelled this Christmas, and weren't at home, MisterStitches and I didn't have a Christmas tree.  But I wanted to display some of my tree ornaments, so I found this nifty ornament holder at Crate and Barrel.

It worked very well for my purposes.  See, it has a little "scalloped" edge where the 
ornament hangers go.

I put a lot of hand-made ornaments on it, and filled in with some simple Christmas balls.  My goal is to have only hand-made ornaments for this display.

Following are two precious ornaments brought home from school by my two kids, many years ago.  The one with DaughterStitches's photo on it says 1989, so she would have been 7 years old, probably in first grade.  Now DaughterStitches teaches in her own classroom, sometimes first grade, sometimes second, sometimes both. 

I believe these two ornaments came home the same year, so SonStitches would have been 5 years old, and in Transitional Kindergarten.  I love these two ornaments.

This next ornament is one I started a long time ago and just finished this year.  I found a picture of it on the internet and made up my own version.

One year I made several little mitten ornaments from felted wool.  Some of the wool came from an old pleated skirt of mine (not this red one!).

Several years ago I blogged about this reindeer ornament made from a wine cork.  I think he's awfully cute, don't you?

A Christmas tree ornament made from a kit a few years ago.

The following two ornaments are ones I made when we were on a trip to Hawaii.  The first is a sea turtle (honu).  They are both made from luahala leaves.

What fun ornaments have you made in your life?  Or which homemade ornaments do you have that you treasure?


  1. I love this post! I love your tree! What a great collection of old and new :)

  2. You've been very busy! I like that Christmas tree so nicely decorated. The baby quilt is lovely. You're so creative. MNE

  3. Thanks, MNE! Hope your Christmas was great!