Friday, January 25, 2013

HST Baby Quilt

Quite a while ago I started a baby quilt from half square triangles.  You can see it here.

Now it is all completed.  I found an interesting orange batik for the inner border, then a light blue by Harmony Art for the outer border.

I really love the fabric I found for the backing.  It was a very lush, fairly large-print yellow and orange floral.  When I bought it, I remember that I loved it so much that I absolutely had to have it.  Then, after a year or two went by, I started thinking, "What ever will I use this fabric for?!?"

But that fabric found a perfect spot to live, on the back of this quilt!

I had the usual struggle with how to quilt it.  After I looked through my Leah Day quilt books, I decided on this design, which she calls a paisley.  It went pretty well.  I am not the most experienced or the most proficient machine quilter; I prefer to say I'm still learning and getting better each time!  This design was very easy for me to do, and I quickly had the quilt covered in stitches.

When it came time to bind this quilt (I used the same Harmony Art blue as the outer border) I decided to try a new method.  I had seen a video of the Sharon Schamber method of binding and was so excited to try it.  Here is a link to her website, where you can find the video.

The method basically uses glue and an iron to secure the binding, instead of pins.  And she has a few other really good "tricks."  Yes, it does take a little longer to do, but the results are great.  I won't be using this method for every quilt I make, but I will definitely use it for my best quilts.  I think what I liked most was how great the mitered corners look.  I didn't take photos while I was doing it, but here are a couple photos of my corners.

Don't these corners look nice!?!

Not quite sure where this quilt will find a home.  I think I'll hang onto it for a while and see what kind of need arises.


  1. Love it! The quilting and the color of that binding make it a very special quilt. Would you email me that first picture if you don't mind that I use it?

  2. Thanks, SisterStitches! I'd be happy to send you the photo.

  3. Beautiful MissesStitches! What an honor to be a small part of it. :)

  4. Thanks, Harmony! Always glad to have you "along for the ride."

  5. I love this quilt, Jan. I'd like to learn to do the paisley quilting pattern, also.