Friday, June 6, 2014


Thought I'd show you the latest baby afghans I've crocheted.

Here is a light blue one with a simple stitch pattern which gives it a nice texture. 
 Percy really likes this one. 

I really like the color of this lavender afghan. I'm calling it my "modern quilt style" afghan, because of the one vertical, off-center stripe. 

Here is another light blue one.  This one has a little border at each end.

Here is a close-up of this afghan.  You can't tell it very well from this photo, but the yarn was a really nice blend of light blue and white strands.


  1. I like #1 & #3 best. What yarn are you using?

  2. I generally use very "reasonably priced" yarn. Or what is on sale at Michaels or Joann's. I do, however, have standards of softness. The yarn has to be very smooth and soft to the touch. "Cuddly,"