Saturday, September 5, 2015

A Small Giants Bag

I recently made myself a new bag to take to Giants games.  This is the same pattern as my previous bag, which had gotten dirty and a little worn--time for a replacement!

I traced a San Francisco Giants logo and embroidered it onto the outer flap.  You can see there is a zipper pocket on the outside.

This time I chose to use orange and black Kona cotton, instead of the baseball prints.  I'm guessing that a black binding will not show very much grubbiness!

This is a view of the inside, after the flap is lifted.  There is a zipper pocket, and also an expandable (pleated) pocket, which is a perfect fit for my iPhone.

And another pocket on the back of the bag.

I decided to try a magnetic closure this time, and sewed it inside the fabric layers.  But I'm not sure it will be strong enough, so I think I'll add a black velcro closure, too.

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