Monday, September 14, 2015

My President's Quilt

I finally got all the squares put together for my president's quilt.  In our guild each president can request that the members make individual blocks for her to put together into a quilt.  I received 53 four-patch blocks, each containing two squares of my chosen fabric, which I cut down into wonky four-patches. We won't mention that I was president in 2010-11, so who knows why this has taken me so long!!

Then it was time to choose borders.  I was really torn here, and auditioned many different combinations.  I had some companion fabrics to my main fabric, and came up with many other possibilities from my stash.

I even emailed photos to some friends to ask their opinion!

And this is the one I ended up choosing.  Yellow, with a narrow strip of red, and finally the large border of my main fabric.

The next step was making a backing!  I had some lovely border print from the fabric line, so I worked around it.  My quilt is square, so it made it easy to start with a square in the middle and work my way out from there.  I had three extra blocks from friends that were left over, so I made another block and put those four on the back of the quilt.  This quilt is pretty big, and I was not able to photograph all four completed sides of the back.

And now I'm working at the machine quilting.  I'll show you some close-ups of the quilting designs a little later.

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  1. Great quilt!! I have been wondering and worrying about you- do you have any fires near you?