Saturday, October 3, 2015

A BIG Crocheted Afghan

Here is another afghan I crocheted, but this one is Not A Baby Size.  I made this one for a local theater set.  For a play that I was in!  The play was The Miracle Worker and I was the maid.  A small part, but a fun one.

Here is a photo of the afghan, playing its part.  It is on a roll-away bed that is being used in the garden house of Helen Keller's home.

I created this afghan by crocheting several squares and rectangles. They were all the same width, but varied in length.  I crocheted and I crocheted and I crochet and I crocheted.  Random sizes.  I didn't stop to see how many more I needed to do.  So in the end I had more than I needed!

Then I played around with arranging them on the floor.  I had to decide how I was going to put them together.

When I had them arranged the way I wanted them, I found that some rectangles needed to be shortened to make even edges on the afghan.  Here I am sitting on the floor, unraveling rows until the rectangle was the right size.

I found that those little red Wonder clips worked wonderfully to hold the pieces together as I joined the rectangles. Pins sure would not have worked!  The clips did a great job.

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  1. WOW! I didn't know you made the afghan for this play! The play was absolutely powerful and the bed cover was perfect. Dang are you ever talented!