Sunday, October 2, 2016

Marble Maze

DaughterStitches sent me a link to a blog, and said, Please Mom, make me some of these!  This is the blog, called Serving Pink Lemonade.  (Isn't that a cute name!?!)  She gives a tutorial to make these very simple marble games.

I won't give you the directions, as you can visit the site, but I basically took two rectangles, and sewed them right sides together.

Then I turned them right side out, and sewed some lines throughout the little "pouch" to create the maze.  I backspaced at both the beginnings and endings of these lines to lock the stitches so they would not unravel.

 I popped in a marble before I sewed the opening closed.  

The child (or adult!) spends time moving the marble around the maze.  A great way to keep young fingers busy in a safe way.  I think DaughterStitches might have a few students who need this maze toy!

I honestly had trouble stopping making these!  They are so fun to make and just take scraps.  So I made several and I will give them to people for their young kids or grandkids.

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