Sunday, October 16, 2016

Aprons for the Bakers

Time to make some more aprons for my favorite bakers, Margaret and Hilla at Two Fish Baking Company.  Once I got started, I couldn't stop!  


So I ended up making six of them this time.

I really enjoy making these aprons.  It's fun to go through my stash and find two fabrics that will "play well together" for each apron.

The apron below uses some of my Harmony Art organic fabric, "40 Ginkgos." And it was lined with fabric that I used for sashing strips on my President's Quilt.

Harmony Art fabric was also used for the apron on the left, "Whispering Grass" in orchid.

Is it ironic that I never make an apron for myself?  I almost always wear an apron when I cook or bake, but they are the plain white ones that I buy at the restaurant supply store!

* * * * *

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