Friday, December 4, 2009

Christmas Craft

MissesStitches is at it again with the wine corks!

The other day I dug into (part of) my collection
of wine corks. An idea had popped into my head which I wanted to try.

Here is my arsenal of tools: wine corks, hot
glue gun, and paper to cover and protect the dining room table.

Glued together a row of corks.
What can MissesStitches be up to?

Now here's a second, third,
and part of a fourth row,
all glued together.

An action shot! This is how the corks are actually glued together!

I took a little break, because I got some
hot glue on my finger. That stuff really is hot! I couldn't get the glue off right away, so it stayed there and burned me. OUCH! I ran some cold water over my finger for a while, then went back to work, with a nice little white blister on my index finger. Of course, it had to be right on my trigger finger, so this hampered my glue gunning style somewhat.

Now you can probably tell what it is going to be!
A wine cork mini Christmas tree! Now to add a base to the tree...

a little Christmas
ribbon to wrap around it all...

...then attach
a little mini-bow to the top

Voila! You can see that I chose to arrange the corks in rows of red and white. Thought about doing it randomly. Thought about doing it in concentric "circles," if you get what I mean. Maybe for the next one....


  1. Maybe Santa will bring you one of those hot glue guns that isn't hot.

  2. I did have another hot glue gun, called a lo-temp gun, but it didn't stick as well! I'll just have to be more careful, I guess.

  3. You could face them with all white sides out, then create "ornaments" by facing the reds out. It is really cute!

  4. Thanks, Serra. That's a good idea. I should have shown a photo of the backside, which of course was all random-spaced red and white corks ends.

  5. Clever! I have more corks here if you need more.

  6. What a great idea. I think making some mini ornaments to go on it would be great also!

  7. I'm going to paint them green then embellish with little ornaments got my mind thinking

  8. Good idea to paint them! Good luck with that. I'd love to see a photo of your version.

  9. Put tiny family pictures on each cork and also family animals or make one of all your friends or children's friends. They would enjoy that. Or a for a nursing home to show some friends there.