Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Urban Burp (Oh, pardon me!)

I finally went to Urban Burp today for the first time!
Not exactly sure why it took me
so long, but some things are like that.

Urban Burp is a vintage fabric store with an amazing collection of fabrics.
It is located near
the North Beach
neighborhood of San Francisco.
I had heard that it is a little challenging to find,
but I didn't have much trouble.

It's a delightful store, not
very large, and the owner is
very friendly and helpful.
She asked me what I was interested in, then
gave me a quick tour of the shop, telling
me which wall has
30's-60's fabric, for example, where the upholstery fabric is, etc.

I had a nice little browse-around,
and ended up choosing some
very nice fabrics. I'm not really into vintage fabrics
(or even reproduction fabrics),
but I found a few really pretty prints.

The photos, from top to bottom, show my stack
of fabrics, some pretty morning glory fabric,
the nice white-on-cream print,
and the lovely tie-dye looking piece that might
be useful for a landscape piece.

Nice treasures, don't you think!?!

1 comment:

  1. That one tie-dye would be really good for landscape! I thought that before I read your words!