Wednesday, December 9, 2009

News Update and Card Variation

My news update is that both my Christmas Card tutorial and
the One Pretty Thing website.
You can see my two contributions here and here.
That's exciting for me! BTW, there are tons of wonderful crafting
ideas on One Pretty Thing, both Christmas-y and other.

I had a comment on my blog post about the Christmas cards from
someone who suggested using magazine pages as a
source of paper for the trees. And that would
work really well, I'd think. Make it a great project for younger
kids, or for a larger group.

That made me think that other materials could be used for cutting
the trees/triangles. Like fabric! Duh, MissesStitches! I am a
quilter after all; I probably have a little
fabric on hand.

So I decided to make a few more cards using fabric triangles.

Here are some fabric triangles that I cut. They are lying on
my paper cutter, which has half-inch squares on it,
so you can see the approximate size.
Since I used a little gold paper to make some brighter trees,
I looked for some gold fabric to use. I know
I have some sparkly gold fabric somewhere, but I couldn't find it.
I found a couple fabrics that are gold-ish,
so they will have to do.

And here are the very small triangles cut out.

This photo shows the front of the card with fabric trees glued down...

and the inside of the card with three small trees.

I really liked using the fabric, as it created texture.
Again, I just used a glue stick to glue them down.
Unlike the paper, when I
applied the glue to the fabric it would sometimes
start to fray the edges a little bit. But I liked that, because it was
like adding pine needles to the trees!

Here's a close-up of one of the cards, where you can see some of
that fraying-edges stuff going on.

And these are the three cards I completed in just a few minutes this morning!


  1. Love this! Is it ok the "steal" this idea for this year's holiday cards?? As you know, I have plenty of fabric scraps.... I just might end up in the holiday spirit after all!

    Truthfully, I haven't sent cards since I launched Harmony Art -- just too darn busy and business was all consuming. Now that Harmony Art is almost 5 I might just find the time/energy. Thanks Misses Stitches!

  2. You are absolutely free to use this idea, Harmony! Have fun. (They go pretty fast.)

  3. I really like this! Can I order 50 for next year? JK. - Nathan