Sunday, December 13, 2009

Holiday Quilters' Poem

Twas one holiday eve,

Through a window I spied

An ambitious quilter

Who was fit to be tied.

Stacked all around

Were her projects galore:

Wall hangings, quilts,

Hand-sewn stockings and more.

She rushed to and fro

Not a moment to spare,

As batting and fiberfill

Flew through the air.

Pinning and basting

And stitching so fast

She tied her knots tight,

So the presents would last.

When finally dawn

Showed its face in the east,

All the presents were finished

And all action had ceased.

I heard when she hollered

With a grin ear to ear,

“Have a wonderful holiday,

And a happy new year!”

An original (more or less) poem by



  1. I love love love the old picture! And the poem is tops, too!

  2. Thanks, SisterStitches. Dug that one out of the archives.

  3. I like the first two pictures mom! I didn't know it snowed in Sea Ranch!