Friday, January 28, 2011

Hand Quilting Frame

I had a couple very large packages waiting for me the other day when I got home. It was the quilting frame I'd ordered! It seems that whenever I order something, I want it to arrive later that same day! I'm always so anxious to receive it!

It was no different with this quilting rack. I managed to get it all set up and put together by myself, and now it's all ready to use. There sure are a lot of adjustments on it: higher, lower, more slanted, less slanted.

Now my tumbling blocks quilt is installed on it and I'm ready to start quilting. I finally got all those little seams pressed down (with only a few small burns on my fingers). And I have given up any notion that this is a portable project. Now it will just sit at home (for years?) while I hand quilt it.

With my little arsenal of tools set up beside me, I'm ready to go!

Thread snippers
Needle threader
Thread Heaven conditioner
Rubber disc to pull needle through

* * *

No, wait a minute.
Now I'm ready to go. Gotta have that (non-greasy) hand lotion nearby!

I really love having the quilt set up for me to work on. It's so easy to go into that room and quilt for just a few minutes or for a half hour. Nothing to set up or put away. It is placed in my guest room, and I can watch tv while quilting if I want. Looking up occasionally helps keep me from getting a stiff neck.


  1. Sweet Frame for one. I've been quilting around frames for 6 lately.... Nice scrappy tumbling blocks quilt too....

    Gail M.

  2. You're quilting took over yet another room? :)
    That quilt is going to be awesome when you are done with it.

  3. Yes, I've taken over another room, but it's my house! Thanks for the comment, Scott. xoxo