Saturday, January 8, 2011

Tumbling Blocks

I finally finished sewing all the rows of my tumbling blocks quilt top together! It now measures 82" by 90." It consists of 426 hexagonal shapes, sewn together from 1,278 diamond shapes. Whew!!

Now comes another fun part! With the quilt top up-side down, I need to iron all the seems on the back sides. Especially to get all those intersections to lie flat.

With so many short seams to iron, I'm using my Clover craft iron. Because a regular iron would be just too clumsy to maneuver these small seams.

Oh. My. Goodness. This. Is. Tedious.

After I iron a section with the craft iron, I go over it again with the regular iron, because I feel that the bigger iron will give a better overall press.

I've discovered that this is work which can easily produce a very stiff neck, if done for too long at a time! So I try to iron a bit, then take a break and do something else for a bit, then back to ironing for a while, then another break. Whose idea was it to make this quilt so big, anyway!?!?!?

Here is the fabric I bought for the backing fabric. It's extra-wide fabric (110"), so I won't have to deal with a seam anywhere in the back. Yes, I'm sure that will make this whole project much easier!!!


  1. Oh yes, so much easier! The blocks look fabulous and very tumbly.

  2. Good for you! Looks great. It must feel good to have it all together. Love the backing :)

  3. OH MY Jan, you are amazing! It looks absolutely lovely!

    You will laugh, but now go to a quilting group on Thursdays. I can do that since I am on sabbatical. :) It is so fun. I just finished a vintage flannel baby quilt for a friend. I'll post it on GBL so you can see. Someone else is binding it for me.

    Also, in a box of donation stuff to GBL, I just acquired one of those little Clover irons. I'm SO excited, I have always wanted one and was just TOO cheap to buy one! Now it is FREE! Ha!

    Hugs to you!

  4. That's great, Teresa, going to a quilting group! Of course I won't laugh. I hope you enjoy quilting (or come to) as much as I do.