Saturday, October 1, 2011

Cell Phone Holder

Hi! I recently made this cute little cell-phone holder for myself. I should have done this several years ago. I know. And I should have this several months ago. I know. Better later than never?

MisterStitches and I go to a lot of baseball games. I never take a purse with me, because I don't want to have to keep track of it. But I do need a few little things with me. I use pockets when I can, but now I have this nifty little bag to hold just a few things.

Courtesy of SisterStitches, I used a pattern from Quiltsmart. (We all want to be smart quilters, right!?!) This cool pattern comes printed onto fusible web. How smart is that! In the photo below you can see that I've ironed the fusible pattern onto my fabric. It also gives instructions on how to use two different fabrics, one for the outside and one for the lining, if one so chooses. You can see all the cutting lines and folding lines printed right there.

Here you can see the two different fabrics that I've chosen for my little bag. Inside and outside.

Per the printed (on paper) instructions, I am now folding one line to meet another. All perfectly spelled out for me.

And this is what I created. You can see that it's only about 6" tall.

Because of the folds, inside are two separate pockets. Just a good size to hold my phone, some money chap stick, a credit card.

And here it is on me. This is how models are supposed to pose, isn't it?


  1. cute and handy... and oh such appropriate fabric!

  2. Thanks, Harmony! It really fills the bill.

  3. Baseball fabric--so appropriate! And a Next Top Model contender!

  4. Hi MissesStitches,

    I like this project. My husband wants a case for his walkie talkie and this project would be a good idea for me to do for him. I'll show him this pic and we'll got for there.


  5. Thanks, everyone! MNE, you can either order the preprinted pattern from Quiltsmart (click on the link in the post above) or find one of many patterns in stores or even free on the internet.