Thursday, May 31, 2012

Blue Scrap Quilt--Finally Finished!

I finally finished my blue scrappy quilt!  I blogged about it previously here.  Many thanks to Elizabeth at Oh Fransson for the instructions.  These blocks were so much fun to make.  I'm sure I'll make more, as it is a good way to use up scraps.

Twelve blocks put together.

But the blocks I made were too small to be a good quilt size.  I needed to add some borders.  I determined that I needed like 8" of borders on each side, which is a lot for just one piece of fabric.  Trouble was, I really liked having the quilt outlined--framed--with the blue fabric.  I just couldn't see making the whole eight-inch-wide border out of the blue.  

So I made up a narrow, 2" strip of more scrappiness.  Then to the quilt I added a blue border, the narrow scrappy border, then another blue border.  That did the trick!

I liked this look!

Unfortunately, I didn't have enough of the pretty starry fabric for the binding, so I used some plain blue fabric instead. 

Sewing strips together to make one long binding strip.

And here is the finished quilt being held by a couple of my friends.  (Thanks, Gail and Joyce!)  This quilt is destined to be a Quilt of Valor, given to a wounded veteran.  Our guild makes at least 25 of these each year to take to a nearby veterans hospital.

I didn't get a photo of the back of the quilt before I gave it away, but I made it up of about five different blue fabrics.  I decided that a scrappy quilt should have a scrappy back!  They were some fabrics that I had a nice amount of, like a yard, or maybe a little less. The biggest piece was a real nice light blue organic cotton from Harmony Art Organic Fabrics.


  1. It's beautiful! :) Glad the Harmony Art fabric could come in handy. :)