Sunday, May 27, 2012

New Blogger In The Family

SonStitches has started his own blog!  

No, it doesn't have to do with quilting, but it does have to do with stitches.  One hundred eight stitches, to be exact.  That is the number of double stitches on a baseball.  Yes, SonStitches has a baseball blog.  Of course, as his MomStitches, I think it's quite a good blog.  SonStitches was weaned on the San Francisco Giants, and practically bleeds orange.  He loves baseball and the Giants, and his blog is a commentary on the Giants.  He's quite a good writer, so you should check it out.

All the little white dots are seagulls.

He calls it Seagulls In The Outfield, a tribute to the hundreds of seagulls who fly around the outfield at AT&T Park near the end of each game.  They somehow know the time of day, and that as soon as the people leave, there will be a veritable feast of leftovers:  uneaten hot dogs, popcorn, french fries, etc.  Check out his blog, and encourage any baseball lovers you know to check it out, too.

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