Monday, May 21, 2012

Alison Schwabe Class Part II

 Here are some photos of my work from Alison's class, as promised previously.

This first photo shows two opposite samples made by laying two squares, both right sides UP, then making two different angled cuts, rearranging the pieces, and sewing them back together.

This shows my efforts at inserting a pieced strip.  I was trying to see how skinny I could get my strips.  The third one I inserted, the left-most strip, was skinny enough to please me.

This photo shows some more-or-less "stack and whack" piecing, plus some inserted strips and crossed lines.  Look quickly, then go on by, as it's not a good photo!

Then I started working on some actual squares in hopes of assembling a quilt top out of some of them.  My favorite method was inserting strips, so I decided to do those.  To make life easier, I cut a large rectangle of fabric and inserted strips the long way.  Then I was able to cut it in two to make squares.  That's why they appear to be pairs--they are!


  1. I like what you've gotten so far. I also want
    to try the narrow strip insert but have used the
    stacking method for my quilt. I used so many fabrics but they seem to work together. When I had all the blocks set up in the order I wanted my son said it looked like an abalone shell. I like it! Monica, from the class with Allison.

  2. I assume that's a positive comment, Monica! I think abalone shells are beautiful.