Friday, May 25, 2012

Some Stitching for GranddaughterStitches

GranddaughterStitches had a birthday earlier this month, so it was time to make her another number shirt.  She is four years old now, so here is her new t-shirt.

I used a pretty purply batik for her number four, fused it on, then did a machine blanket stitch around the edges.

I also made her a poodle skirt.  When DaughterStitches was a little girl, my Mother-In-LawStitches made her a cute little poodle skirt.  I decided to carry on the tradition.  I chose some light purple felt for the skirt, and made it fairly long, so it will last for a while as she grows!  (I left extra elastic in the waistband, too!)  It was pretty easy to sew; no hemming to worry about.  Although several layers of felt get quite thick when you're attaching a waistband.

Instead of a poodle, I chose to put a Great Dane on the skirt, because that is the "dog of choice" for GranddaughterStitch's family.  They have a Great Dane named Trigger.  They used to have two, but poor Nala died this spring.  Great Danes are well-loved in that household!

The pattern included instructions for an underskirt, so I made that, too.  GranddaughterStitches said that is what makes the skirt fly out so well when she spins.  Since we weren't there on GranddaughterStitch's birthday this year, dear Son-In-LawStitches was great and sent me a little video of her spinning in her new skirt.

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