Thursday, November 26, 2015

More Crocheting

You might recognize the yarn colors in this afghan from this post not too long ago.

Yes, I'm using up the leftover yarn from that great big afghan that I made for the play.  This is one of my favorite "non-pattern patterns."  I simply crochet along the rows and insert "holes" in random places.  For some reason, this amuses me!

The next afghan is, yes, that same pink color.  I really didn't want to run out of yarn so I bought more than I needed.  I knew I would use it all eventually.

This one was simply groups of rows of single crochet, then double crochet, then treble crochet.

KittyStitches is checking out this afghan.  Probably wondering if it would make a suitable place for a nap!

This last is an afghan made of variegated yarn, which I love working with.  It was a thicker yarn than usual, but I sometimes like to use that.

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  1. I'm just catching up on your pictures. Really like the holey (?holy) crochet and the bright colors against the beautiful background. Good job!