Thursday, April 16, 2009


I got very industrious yesterday and decided to work on my horrific, many-layers deep, totally covered, disgusting desk.  I set the oven timer for one hour and worked like crazy, just starting at the top (like an archaeologist!) and going through everything on my desk.  I separated stuff into piles.  I had a pretty big "paper recycle" pile, a pile for "goes upstairs to DH's office," a pile of "computer work," a pile to go to another room, you get the idea.  After an hour, I set the oven timer for another hour and I sat down to work on the pile called "read through."  I didn't get all the way through it, but made some good progress.  Now, I have to say that, although my desk isn't completely cleaned off, it's great to see some of the nice wood surface finally showing through!  I planned to set the timer for an hour today, too, and any subsequent days it takes to get completely through.  I admit I haven't done it yet today, but the day isn't over yet!  I still have more desktop to clean off, and some of those piles to go through.  But I feel much better about it all, and so very, very happy to have gotten things started in the right direction.


  1. I have the same urge: there's a basket on the kitchen counter that contains EVERYTHING that needs sorting. I've been eying it. Setting the kitchen timer: that's a wonderful idea! You go girl!

  2. At least you have everything in a basket, Jean! Let me know how your organization/sorting goes. Maybe we can inspire more people.