Sunday, April 19, 2009


I finished this crazy quilt patch (12" square) for a Quilt Guild past president's quilt.  When each president retires, she gets to choose a design and everyone who wants to makes her a quilt block.  Sometimes they choose only a color or a specific fabric.  Sometimes they choose a particular pattern, whatever.  This past president wanted a crazy patch with orange and bright blue in it.  So there you go!  I embroidered my name on it, and a few other embroidery stitches, too, but mostly she wants to embellish it herself.


And I also got busy yesterday and made three "Taggie Blankies" for my Quilt Guild to sell at an up-coming art fair.  My granddaughter loves her "taggie," and I had lots of the pink minky fabric left, plus my zillions of ribbons, so I got these together pretty quickly.  The photo on the right shows a single taggie (about 14" square, more or less), and the left photo shows all three that I made, with their "back sides" showing, too.  They are a lot of fun, except that the minky fabric isn't the easiest to handle.  I finally got wise on the third one and used some iron-on interfacing on the minky.  


  1. Babystitches does love her taggie!

  2. I'm glad you like it, sweetie!
    Love, NannaStitches