Monday, September 7, 2009

Mr and Mrs SonStitches

I am so very, very happy. SonStitches got married on Saturday, so now I have a brand new daughter-in-lawStitches! I love DILStitches so much, and have been waiting for this day for a long time. The wedding was beautiful, in Grace Cathedral in San Francisco, and the reception afterward was so much fun. Weddings are always such a good time to see family and friends, who come into town for the occasion. DaughterStitches was a maid of honor, SILStitches was a groomsman, and BabyStitches was the flower girl. It looks really strange to see my son with a ring on his hand! Both our kids are married now, both to wonderful people. We couldn't ask for more. Really.

When I get some photos, you can bet I'll be showing a few off here. Check back later.


  1. Anxiously awaiting photos. What a fabulous thing to be sooooo happy with the partners your children have chosen. They are lucky/blessed to have YOU too!

  2. Thanks, H. Yes, I'm anxiously awaiting photos, too. Can't wait to see some.