Saturday, September 26, 2009

New Baseball Cap

I love my new Giants cap! These were being given away a couple of weeks ago at a game, so MisterStitches and I each received one. I really like the raggedy finish on the "SF GIANTS" square. The raggediness (if that's a word) is similar to a new quilt I just started. I'm not very far into the quilt, and I am going to have a big interruption in my schedule, so I won't be getting back to that quilt till about the end of October.

And here's the back of the hat, which leaves little doubt as to who we were playing that day. And, after losing the first two games of the homestand to the *&^$%#@> Dodgers, we finally beat them on the third day! The day we received the caps, the Giants won.

Maybe they should have given these same caps to the Giants players two games earlier, as they clearly hadn't received the instructions: "BEAT LA."


  1. A very attractive raggardly cap (making another new word to go with yours). Bring it along Wednesday!

  2. Thanks, Pam, I will try to remember to bring it along on Wednesday. I like that word, "raggardly." You must still be on MN time, if you're up posting at 7AM!

  3. Yeah, kind of mixed up on times even now!