Thursday, September 24, 2009

Getting Almost.......Where?

I've been working, off an on, on my tumbling blocks for at least a couple years now. I mentioned them in this post, and also here.

I counted up today, and I have completed 275 of those little buggers!
Feels pretty good--at first.
But my book tells me that I need 300 tumbling blocks for just a twin size quilt!!!
Do I want a bigger quilt than that?
Do I want to work on this for a few more years?
How long can I really expect to live?
All questions to ponder.

But we quilters can sometimes be very patient. I think I'll keep working so I can get a little bigger quilt than this. Anyway, doing this little hand-sewing is
kind of therapeutic for me. (yawn) I'll post again in a
couple years about this project!


  1. You are patient and crazy. I'm not sure I would be able to do that. Over 6000 bags, no problem though! Ha!

    Hugs! Teresa

  2. It's all relative, isn't it, Teresa! If anyone else is reading this, check out Green Bag Lady's blog on my sidebar. It's fantastic!

  3. Just think how wonderful that quilt is going to be! As for the size, that's what sashing is for, right? I'm such a cheat, I'd be thinking about dividing the tumbling blocks into panes with sashing for a bigger quilt in less time :) Keep plugging away, I love hand sewing my pieces, it's very meditative.

  4. Thanks for the comment, Sue (and I love your blog!). I'd thought of borders for this quilt, although you often see (the older ones anyway) without any borders. But I hadn't thought of sashing. Might be interesting to make a center of blocks, surrounded by sashing, then a "ring" of more blocks, then sashing, then more blocks, something like that. I should be able to diagram that out in my EQ6 program..... That would definitely "modernize" the design. Thanks for the suggestion!