Saturday, August 1, 2009

Great Stitching to go with Great Pitching

Monday night was Stitch-n-Pitch Night at the Giants game. It was really intended mostly for knitters, I believe, and people who had bought a ticket for that specific night all sat in one section. But I already had my ticket, and I don't knit. I decided to take my stitching with me anyway. So here I am, hand sewing some of my diamonds together into tumbling block squares. I thought, why not take advantage of an opportunity to do a little sewing. Dear SonStitches took this photo for me, and he came up with a great title, so I'm using that for this post's title. It was great pitching, too, as Tim Lincecum had something like 15 strikeouts against the Pirates. It was a great game. I didn't really think I would get much sewing done, as a night game is usually pretty chilly. But as you can see, I never even put my coat on, and it was simply balmy that night. I only got a few strange looks from people! Go Giants!


  1. It was great to see you stitching at the game. I look forward to seeing your diamond quilt.

  2. Thanks, MamaStitches! But it may still be years before that quilt is done. It takes an incredibly large number of little tumbling blocks to make up a quilt. Nice to hear from you.