Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Shibori Fabric Dyeing

Last week I went to a class on Shibori fabric dyeing. WOW!!! It was great. Given as a partnership between the Museum of Craft and Folk Arts, and The Craft Gym, it was a small evening class located at the Museum. CG is offering a class there once every month, and it's a great way to dabble in something new, and come home with a nice completed project.

The photo above shows my one-yard piece of silk that was dyed in crushed black walnut hulls; it came out a light tan. My old tie-dyeing skills from the 70's came into use again, as I made little pinches in the fabric and secured it with thread.

This second photo shows my two "practice pieces," one dyed with the walnut, and the other dyed with regular old cumin like you buy at the grocery store. The yellow one I prepared differently. I folded it accordian-style on the bias. Then I secured my little "square" with wooden skewers placed above and below the folded fabric square and held them together with rubber bands on the ends. So it made these interesting little squares.

The whole evening was a lot of fun, and it was nice to learn the technique. Check out
Craft Gym's website to see their up-coming classes in San Francisco.


  1. This is terrific. Last week I took a course on alternative processes in photography and one lady spent the entire time making prints on fabric which she was going to use later in her quilts. She was v. industrious.

    Great blog. Great way to keep in touch. Julia

  2. Thanks, Julia. Great to see your comment here. Glad you stopped by.