Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Pillows for Alexis

I finally finished these two pillows for my dear DaughterStitches's friend, dear Alexis. We went shopping for the fabric together, and she chose this beautiful light blue silk with stitching lines in it.

I had one false start, when I discovered that I couldn't make the cool brown/blue piping work. :-(

But then I found some nice tassels to put on the pillow corners. I was looking at Britex Fabrics, and couldn't find any tassels that were the right color. Then I looked at the braids/trims and found the perfect tassels! Every third tassel was just the right blend of light blue and brown. So I bought enough length that would give me eight tassels. I cut each blue/brown tassel off the braid (the way it was constructed made it super easy!) and sewed them to the corners of the pillows. Voila!

Now I have quite a few light blue tassels (9) and brown tassels (8), so I will have to find a place for them! Anyone reading this have a need for tassels? Because I would be glad to give them to you. Just let me know. Not sure if any use can be made of the braid, as it has all the loopy threads protruding from one side.


  1. I think these pillows would look nice on your new duvet!

  2. Yes I think they would. Our headboard is dark brown, too.

  3. Love the pillows, they would match my bedroom too! :)