Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Bride & Groom Aprons

I have a second wedding coming up in my family! In addition to having SonStitches get married to MissesStitchesJr, my lovely niece is getting married very soon. Her nice friends gave a shower for her last week and invited me to it. (Was I maybe the chaperone?!?) The shower was lovely, and it was so nice to see how much all the girls care about NieceStitches.

This photo shows part of my gift to NieceStitches. I found patterns in Quilters Newsletter for a paper pieced block of a bride and a groom (June/July 2009 issue). Now, I haven't done much paper piecing, but I've always wanted to, so I decided to give these little squares a try. I purchased some plain, full bib aprons on which to sew the finished bride and groom. The block is only 3" square finished,
so there were many small seams to sew!

Here is the bride's square. I added an eye (French knot) and some silk ribbon embroidery, plus cotton embroidery to give her a little bouquet. Notice her very pointy little high heels!

And here is the groom's square. I gave him an eye, too, and using silk ribbon, made a larger French Knot to represent the ring that he is offering to his bride.

Then I added the little strips around the edges and sewed them to the aprons. I know that these two like to cook a lot (I've sampled their efforts, and they are really GOOD at it!). I hope that these aprons will be used and stained a lot!


  1. What a good idea, Jan! I bet they will have fun wearing them and you might just get another dinner invite out of the deal!

  2. Thanks, Pam! Can't wait to see you at the wedding.

  3. A dinner invite from us to you and Dennis is a must, with us wearing our aprons! -Brita

  4. That will be great, NieceStitches! I'd love to see the aprons "in action." (See if they really work...)