Tuesday, February 2, 2010

AccuQuilt Cutter

Our quilt guild recently purchased an
AccuQuilt Cutter for our use. It is basically a die-cutting machine which cuts different shapes out of fabric. It's very cool--cutting several layers with awesome accuracy in a jiffy without having to use a rotary cutter. A wonderful machine! The photo below shows the machine plus some of the different die shapes that can be cut. The bottom right-hand diagram is showing how 2 1/2" strips can be cut all in a row.
I used it the other day to cut some diamonds for my Tumbling Block Quilt. I took several stacks of fabric with me over to visit the AccuQuilt cutter. What I came home with is shown below.

I have four different tumbling block sets, with 24 of each of the three diamond colors. That adds up to 288 diamonds. It took me about 45 minutes to cut all these, with no aching in my wrists or shoulders. It's amazing! This is not a power machine; it cuts when I turn the crank and roll the fabric through, with the particular die shape I've chosen, of course. And the crank is easy to turn, too. I had four layers of my fabric lying out to be cut through all at once. It is capable of cutting more than four layers of fabric. I think I've found a new friend!

Above are my two stacks of diamonds, with a playing card to show you how tall they are. This machine cuts like a hot knife through butter!

This many diamonds might actually keep me busy for a while. The pieces are all wonderfully accurately cut, too,which should help with my hand piecing.


  1. I'm looking forward to seeing your fabric baskets. friend. Gail xxoo

  2. Thanks, Gail, but I'm afraid it's not going to look as good as yours looks! Oh well...

  3. Jan, you crack me up! :) I love the idea about the ladder and the cell, though I usually have 3 kids around to go get the phone! :)

    Hey, I am doing a freebie on my site right now through Fri if you want to let people know. We are giving 50 bags but will actually give more if the interest is there!