Friday, September 24, 2010

My President's Quilt

Every person who serves as president of our quilt guild gets to have a quilt made for her. The president chooses whatever fabric and pattern she wants, and each person in the guild makes one square for the quilt. Usually the blocks are signed by their makers.

I served as president in 2009-2010, and I found this gorgeous fabric at my local fabric store. Isn't it pretty!?! It has a French Provincial quality to it. With such beautiful fabric, I decided to keep my block really simple. I provided everyone with two cut squares (I think they were five inches square), and I'm asking everyone to add their own coordinating fabrics to make a four-patch for me. So no one has to labor over this or worry too much about the sewing, and each can express her own personality/creativity in the choice of her companion fabric(s).

When I get all the blocks back I plan to cut them into "wonky" 6 1/2" squares, so I've asked people to put their names in the center, not the border, as it will be cut off.

I'll keep you updated as I receive the squares.
I can't wait to see what people have done with them!


  1. Hi Misses Stitches! I am planning to take your first class in beginning quilting next week with the expressed interest in learning how to complete the president's block for YOU! I hope it will be ok to use Harmony Art fabrics with this lovely one you picked.

  2. That sounds absolutely wonderful, Harmony! See you in class!

  3. Misses Stitches,

    Did you complete the president's quilt? I'd be curious to see a photo of the finished work, please. Thanks.