Thursday, September 30, 2010

Houston, We May Have A Problem

I am making good progress on my tumbling blocks quilt. I've sewn 18 rows together, and only have 5 more rows to go. :-)


I laid it down on the floor the other day and, correct me if I'm wrong, but this quilt top is looking a little out of proportion to me. As in wider than long. And I'm almost done sewing on the horizontal strips.

Right now it measures roughly 88" wide and 74" long. It's a little hard to measure rows because one row doesn't line up exactly with the next row. Rather, they are offset a bit. But five rows in the quilt measures about 20". So when I finish sewing these last five rows on, that gives me a quilt top 88" wide and 94" long. Which is a bit too close to square for me.

I know the easy answer is just to turn it sideways. But it has always seemed "right side up" to me like this, and I would always feel it's sideways.

I'm thinking I have two choices, but really just one. (!) Choice one would be to sew up some more hexagons and make more rows. The problem with this method is that the fabrics wouldn't necessarily be mixed up in the same way, and I'd hate for it to look like it had extra rows tacked on after the fact.

So I think my only choice is to remove some of the blocks (maybe one or two) from the end of every horizontal row, and sew them into more rows to make it longer.
I wasn't planning on adding any borders to the quilt.

What do you think? Any suggestions? I need some help on this, please...


  1. Is this intended to be a bed quilt for a specific size? If not, I wouldn't worry too much about these dimensions because the colors and design are so beautiful I don't think the measurements are worth stressing about. But then, you are the one that has to live with it, so do what makes you happy!

  2. Thanks for your input, Pam. I'm still cogitating on this...

  3. I like it. How long do you think it took to put this together?

  4. Dear Anonymous, I'd say it took about four years off and on sewing to get the squares put together. More or less. But who's counting!?!