Monday, September 20, 2010

Who Wants to Exercise?

I came across an interesting idea a couple weeks ago on the blog of

She has invited others to join her on a virtual "walk across America." and she linked to a government website. This website will track (for free) your progress as recorded in miles of walking or running. So I log onto the site, record that I have walked, maybe, two miles today. It stores this information, and tracks my progress on a "trail" across America. It shows me a photo every time I post of just where I am "walking" right now.
Now I have to say that I am not a very good one to stick to a program of any kind. But I really do like logging in the miles I've covered in a
day. I walk, but I don't run, and I also swim, so I count the swimming miles, also.

Jacquie, at Tallgrass Prairie Studio has assembled a listing of people who are joining her in this endeavor.

So, do you want to join up and record your miles?


  1. I am in!!!!!! Let's start walking more together. I love the idea of watching the distance collect. I am having a hard time getting logged into the site. I think it's my satellite connection, drat! May need to take my laptop somewhere else to complete the registration.

  2. My walking programs consists of a 2.25 brisk stroll in our neighborhood. We 2.25 miles/day and feel relaxed and flexible thanks to this. We also sleep better at night and my husband has noticed he's loosing inches around hiw waistline. More power to him!