Thursday, September 16, 2010

Recent Quilts

I'm excited to go to my quilt guild meeting tomorrow. I love our meetings, getting together with friends, and the awesome speakers we have. But I'm also excited because I have two quilts for Show & Tell. For me this is cool, because it allows me to show some things I have actually finished!

The first quilt I have already shown you here, and I'll quickly review the photos with you now. This is the Disappearing Nine Patch, a pattern I really like.

One complete block, having been cut in half twice, then sewn back together.

The nice polka dot I found for the binding.....

The backing fabric and quilting pattern on the back.

* * * * *

Then I have another quilt just completed this evening. The directions I have are called Slash Your Stash, but I know there are a lot of different names for this technique.

In my Monday quilting group several people expressed an interest in learning this method, so a couple weeks ago I gave a demonstration. We started with twelve 15" squares, stacked them up, made one cut, put one piece to the bottom and resewed. We more or less repeated this process, with a few variations, and ended up with about 12 1/2" squares. It's a very fast technique.
Here is my final quilt sewn together, but not yet bound. MissesStitches was a bad demonstrator and failed to take photos of the process. :-( However, I think I might do this again, and when I do I will be sure to walk you through it.
Above is a close-up that shows the quilting design I used. It was quite fun (and easy) to do.

And I found this very nice variegated thread, which always makes the quilting more interesting.

I used a nice soft flannel in blue and yellow as my backing fabric.

Very serendipitously, I found some binding fabric that I already had cut. (I must have really miscalculated for a previous quilt! But it served me well now!) A pretty blue with some stars on it.
It's too dark now to take a decent photo, but it all looks pretty good together, and I just finished hand-stitching the label and the binding onto it.


  1. Jan, I really like the quilting on your blue quilt--good job with getting it done!

  2. Thanks, Pam. I found the design on the "365 Quilting Designs" website.