Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Family of Bears

Here is a nice little family of bears that I sewed recently. Papa Bear, Mama Bear and, of course, Baby Bear. You saw when I was beginning on this project here. I was complaining about working with the faux fur!

But I persevered, and ended up with these cute stuffed bears. They are all made from a pattern by Carol's Zoo. I saw her booth at a quilting show, and fell in love with her patterns. They really were easy to sew, too, except for the faux fur part! I think it would be great to now make these bears out of some other fabric, like corduroy, chenille, plain quilting cotton, etc.

The kit that I bought at that quilting show contained the fur, the pattern, and the eyes and nose and ribbon for finishing them off. It made it so easy that everything I needed was included there in the package. Of course, she also lists specifications for the size of nose/eyes you need for the different sizes of bears. For when I make some more!

Aren't these little bear faces lovable!?!?! The bears are nice and cuddly, too. The pattern says specifically not to stuff them too full, so they will be cuddly instead of stiff.

And you might be able to guess who has them now--BabyStitches, of course! She just turned three, and we went to visit her for her birthday party. What a wonderful party it was! DaughterStitches and her hubby, NathanStitches really know how to throw a party.

By the way, Carol was very accommodating when I called her with a question about the pattern. I was just a little confused, but it was my oversight in pattern-reading, not hers in the pattern-writing. All in all, the pattern was pretty clear to read and complete.


  1. Baby Stitches absolutely loves them! And you did a good job of not over stuffing them, they are nice and cuddly!

  2. These are adorable Jan, you NEVER cease to amaze me!!!

  3. Jan,

    I like these bears, they're cuddly and cozy. Nice job!