Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A Favorite Toy/Tool

I've discovered a wonderful app on my iPad which helps me with quilting. It's called Chalkboard. Chalkboard allows me to draw on my iPad screen with the tip of my finger. It's great for doodling, which of course, makes it great for drawing quilting designs. It's a good way to practice the movement, so that it gets embedded into the brain!

This app costs 99 cents, and I might add that GranddaughterStitches likes it a lot, too!

Aside: BabyStitches has informed me that she is not a baby, so I have now changed her name to GranddaughterStitches.

Above your can see some doodling I did while trying to find a sky and/or water quilting motif. The app allows me to save drawings, too, so I can refer back to something I've recorded there. I sometimes draw other things, like simple ideas for quilts, or a sketch of something I've seen that I think might make a good quilting motif.

There are even different colors of chalk available! I highly recommend this app. I have something similar on my iPhone, but that surface is just too small for me.

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