Friday, March 30, 2012

Tumbling Blocks Quilt--Progress (?)

I have to admit that it's been quite a while since I've done any hand-quilting on my tumbling blocks quilt. (Bad MissesStitches!) But I did some work on it today, and I vow to work on it on a more regular basis. I know that I just need to sit my little tush down in the chair and do some quilting every day in order to make progress.

I really do enjoy hand quilting, though. It's so quiet and relaxing, in its own way. MomStitches does quite a bit of hand quilting, and I remember my grandmother sitting at her quilting frame stitching away. So it makes me feel a little bit connected to them when I am hand quilting.

I took the quilt off the frame today and laid it over the bed to check out just which parts I have done. Happily enough, I've got a good-size chunk finished right in the middle. Which is what I had planned to do, but you never know! As I get closer to the edges, that will mean less fabric hanging over the edges of the frame, therefore, less fabric to reach underneath and have to support with my left arm.

Did have one little hiccup this afternoon. I've been using this hard plastic (?) (rubber?) thimble for quite a while (below), and have been very happy with it. Recently, however, I've noticed the eye end of the needle sometimes sticking into the thimble. And today I saw that the very end appears to have some holes in it. Maybe the rubber has disintegrated a little bit. Not sure.

That caused me to pick up this thimble (below) which I have used a lot, too. It's particularly good if your nails are just a little bit long, as there is room for the nail to extend beyond the thimble. Also, with its openness, your finger doesn't tend to get too moist if it's a warm day. This thimble felt very light and unobtrusive on my finger, after the rubber/plastic one.

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