Saturday, March 24, 2012

Giants Spring Training

MisterStitches and I just got home from Phoenix (Scottsdale). We went to attend some of the SF Giants spring training games. Here is a view of one of the games--gorgeous weather. The Giants won, too!

Got to see one of our favorites, Tim Lincecum, pitching. Hit pitches were looking good. I think his hair is even longer this year.

On the way home we got off the highway to get gas and happened upon the General George Patton Memorial Museum in Chiriaco, California.

This was way out in the middle of nowhere in the southern California desert. Quite an interesting museum. We didn't spend long, but viewed a lot of WWII displays inside, and then there were the tanks parked outside. (With, I might add, a sign warning of rattlesnakes. Yikes!)

* * *

I got a lot of hand-sewing done on the drive down and back. Finished the top for a small wall hanging that will go in my guild's challenge this year. See earlier post about the challenge here.

* * *


  1. It was a nice trip, DaughterStitches. Wish you had been with us!